Solmeyea offers Feed Compounds helping Animal Feeders u0026amp; Breeders solve the upcoming shortage of Feed due to overpopulation u0026amp; arable land scarcity by combining our top-notch technologies that produce Crude Protein by utilizing the ambient air.


About us

Solmeyea is a hybrid AgTech company intersecting with Biotech, Biochemistry u0026amp; Agriculture. We aim to act supplementary and welcome overpopulation by tackling the  scarcity of land and available resources to meet the exponentially growing demand for food and feed production. We sustainably produce naturally derived feed supplements including Crude Protein using as a main source the ample air while at the same time decreasing our Carbon footprint.

Solmeyea is comprised of scientists u0026amp; engineers with business perspectives who have studied lived and worked in 3 different continents and share the same vision of welcoming overpopulation. Along with 5 collaborating Universities and Research Labs we are ready to launch our method and first product, soon.


Interested in working with us? We are always looking for “out of the box” misfits who enjoy connecting the dots both backwards u0026amp; onwards to join us


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